Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rita's Story

Rita was married and living in Kenya where she had six children. One night while the children and Rita were sleeping her husband talked with men who wanted a head for sacrificing to the demons. There is a belief that if you sacrifice a head to the demons you will get riches.

Rita's husband offered to sell her head to the men. One of the sons pretending to be asleep heard the whole plan and when they had gone he woke his mother and told her that her husband had just sold her head.

She gathered the children and escaped through the bush. She met a kind man who gave her enough money to come to Tororo, Uganda. She is living in a small hut with her six children but they are all safe. She is trying to support her children by selling charcoal.

Once Rita is sponsored she will receive help with her business, will take business classes, reading and writing and simple math classes and mission character for running an ethical business.

For $36 a month and a one year commitment you can help Rita realize a life of dignity and self sufficiency. For more information contact

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