Friday, July 9, 2010

Party With the Women of Rose’s Village

Rose, as you may recall is one of the women Hope 4 Women International helped recently. She had a very large tumor on her neck that was threatening to cut off her air and cause her to suffocate if surgery was not performed. Generous supporters on Face Book and other friends pitched in and raised enough money for Hope 4 Women to pay for Rose’s surgery.

A widow with eight children, Rose had no money and would have died without intervention. Her surgery was successful and now she is able to attend to her children.

Our Hope 4 Kids International team arrived in Rose’s village to honor her with a Hope 4 Women tea/spa. She invited other women—women who had ridiculed her when she walked around with a large growth on her neck. These same women who mocked Rose were invited to an afternoon of pampering by our team.

We honored Rose first and the one man on our team washed her feet, applied nail polish and lipstick and gifted her with a beautiful scarf. Our team sang as we did the same for 29 other women who gathered in the circle. Rose was overwhelmed with joy and when the opportunity to accept Christ was presented Rose was among the ten women who raised her hand. When the pastor prayed with the women Rose said, “I want to kneel” and knelt in the dirt to accept Jesus as her savior.

It was a beautiful afternoon of rejoicing ending with presenting the women with basins, beans and garden hoes.

Once the women were taken care of we called for the girls and dressed them in our famous pillowcase dresses from dress a girl around the world. You can see photos on the dress a girl website

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