Friday, July 30, 2010

Demonstration Gardens in Uganda

Robert started demonstration gardens with three teams in Uganda. The purpose of the gardens are to demonstrate planting, growing and harvesting procedures. From there others will be trained and helped to become successful gardeners--thus being empowered to feed their families and to make money selling their crops.

Co-op/Demonstration Gardens Name

Unique Eden Co-op

The names of the three Gardens are:

1) River Valley

2) Compost

3) Jungle Yum Yum

A variety of seeds were tried in the three different locations. Hot beds, composting and many different crops were grown:

1) Egg Plants

2) Watermelon

3) Cucumbers

4) Varieties of squash

5) Varieties of steak tomatoes

6) Green peppers

7) Green beans

8) Green onions

9) Pumpkin

10) Okra

11) Jalapenos

12) Variety of herbs

13) Variety of flowers

The garden overseer took many notes on how things were planted, growing, etc.

Plans for 2010 & 2011

1) Soybeans will be added to the other crops in September.

2) The plan is to sell crops to restaurants—the Rock Classic is already interested.

3) Grow sweet onions in a low sulfur area

4) Introducing “onion rings” as a road-side business

5) Introduce more herb gardens

6) Holistic Studies

7) Experimental cooking with herbs and other plants—this is now being done with okra and pumpkin leaves

8) Learning different uses of wild yams and papaya for holistic health

Purchased for $250

1) Seeds

2) Sprayer

3) Protective gear

4) Gum boots (3 pair)

5) Wheel barrow

6) Hiring weeders

7) Garden rakes (2)


1) Oxen & Plow =$1000

2) Chicken raising

3) Motor Bike for transport of vegetables to market & business use=$2000-2500

4) More variety of seeds

There are also young girls in the villages around the gardens--thus generating "dress a girl at the garden" which is a part of Dress a Girl Around the World

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