Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sponsor a Woman--Change Her Life

What does it mean to sponsor a woman in Uganda?

It means a life has been changed! Not only the life of one woman but her whole family.

There is a saying in Uganda. “Educate a girl and you will educate a nation.” The same is true of the women we support. As we train them in business; Christian principles; budgeting; English and give them business start-up capital—we are giving them the opportunity to elevate themselves. They in turn want improved lives for their children.

We heard many testimonies from women who graduated from our program on how their lives will never be the same. They are no long in extreme poverty but have hope and know they are successful and will continue to be successful business women.

For the small sum of $36 a month you can sponsor a woman with a commitment of one year.

She receives training in business; Christian principles of running a business; English, math and reading classes; Start-up capital and mentoring as she begins her business.

Pastor Ruth says of our April graduation of fourteen women from the program:

The graduation of the women in Smile Africa brought tears of Joy. These women have come a long way with your prayers and support. A woman who used to live in a fallen shelter now owns land and has built a two roomed house for her and her grand children--that is the testimony of Zuena. Rukia's success story is another one,when she came to Smile, she was at the verge of dying,along with her three sons.Today,through your prayers and support,she is a manager and sales woman in the charcoal business.She started her oldest son on a business and her other two sons go to good schools. She is able to rent a decent place for her and her children and they are well fed.

May the Glory be to God almighty who has worked through each one of us to reach out and restore hope and dignity to them.

The sponsorship program is exploding with testimonies and more and more widows getting sponsored. The whole town is talking about what God is doing for the widows. This includes the Muslim widows who are now praising Jesus for loving them, what a great testimony. This could not have happened if you had not responded by praying and supporting this program. It is common to hear someone stopping me in town and trying to let me know of a widow or children who need help, my answer to them is to pray that God brings in more help,because it is only Him who can solve all problems.

To learn more about sponsoring a woman and offering her a life of dignity please contact