Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Purpose Driven Bucket List

With all the attention the movie "Bucket List" is getting lately many people are making their own bucket lists--things they want to do before they die. My husband, Robert came up with a "Purpose Driven Bucket List". If you click on the comments following this posting you can add your own bucket list. I'd love to see it.

Here's mine:
My Purpose Driven Bucket List

1) I turned 55 in June. For my 55th year I decided that I would do 55 things for the women of Uganda before my 56th birthday. So in the next ten months I want to come up with and complete 55 things.

2) I want to complete my next book on the women of Uganda.

3) I want to write Pastor Ruth’s story.

4) I want to finish my novel on five generations of women.

5) I want to see Lisa realize her dream of working full time for Africa.

6) I want to see Jordan graduate from Valley Christian and become the beautiful woman of God she is meant to be.

7) I want all my friends and family to know Jesus as savior.

8) I want to meet Willie Nelson.

9) I want someone to say I inspired them.

10) I want someone to say I made a difference in their life.

11) I want God to say, “Well done” when I see Him.

Here's Robert's:

Robert’s Purpose Driven Bucket List

1) Fly in a private jet over Africa with Rachel and Bono.

2) To have enough money to meet the needs of many.

3) Live by the ocean.

4) Learn to surf

5) Have a great granddaughter

6) Do track meets until the end.

7) Have a 50’s car

8) Be a good speaker

9) Have much vision and wisdom