Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can You Help Little James Owori?

Pastor Ruth of Smile Africa Ministries is at it again. She found little James Owori—or should I say they found her. His little feet are twisted and he will need to go for therapy once a week and also have his feet in casts to straighten them.

Recently Pastor Ruth took another child who is a bit older than James—in eight months of treatments she is now able to stand. Here’s what Pastor Ruth wrote about James:

James Owori is one and half months old. His mother is 20yrs old. She is a single mother and has headed a family of four as a child headed family since their parents died when they where young. She told me that she thought marriage would solve her problems but instead the man she trusted got her pregnant and left immediately when he noticed that she was pregnant, adding more responsibility to this girl. It broke her heart when she gave birth and realized that her baby was disabled. It was when she heard the testimony of Auma the girl who got surgery recently,that she gained hope that God might have a way to save her baby from being disabled.She visited Auma's home and that is where she got directions to reach Smile Africa.”

Can you help little James have a normal life? For a donation of $20 you can pay for one treatment. If enough people send $20 we can give little James the gift of using his feet and legs. Please send $20 to:

Hope 4 Women International

P.O. Box 74010

Phoenix, AZ 85087

Or contact Rachel@h4wi.org

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