Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom

My mom was one of my heroes. I remember as a child wishing I could stay home all day and do whatever I wanted--just like my mom:) I didn't know she had to do dishes, wash clothes and cook for her family of seven kids. I thought she just wrote stories on her typewriter all day.

She was a great story teller--we questioned the accuracy of her stories but they were always interesting. I wanted to be a writer just like my mom. She died before I was published but her fingerprints are all over the book I wrote with my brother Tom.

Her mother died when Mom was 14 and her father wasn't poor and indulged her and her younger brother. Her two older sisters were married at the time. Mom secretly took flying lessons when she was 17 and one day invited her dad to go to the airport with her for a "surprise". It was the day she took her solo flight:) I wonder how surprised her dad was! She received her pilot's license in 1940 at the age of 18 and begged her dad to allow her to go for her commercial pilot's license but family members intervened saying that that was no profession for a young lady--so with that dream aside she went on other adventures--a motorcycle trip to Texas--Once she settled down with my dad and they formed a family of seven kids her adventures mostly took place on the typewriter.

I always thought being a mother wasn't really what she had in mind for her life and was disappointed for her sometimes but she was a great mom and her "free spirit" remained within her and her need to "soar" was instilled in all of us.

She passed on her love of the Lord, her love of life and great sense of adventure and I'll always be grateful. Because of our faith in Jesus Christ I believe we will meet again in Heaven and I know she is there now on the greatest adventure that none of us can even imagine.

I love you Mom. Save a place for me:) I'll be there soon.


Anonymous said...

loved her "free spirit" ...

Anonymous said...

Great video. Miss you Grandma! Your favorite grandchild, Lisa