Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catherine's Victory Gardens

Catherine is on the far left--her friend Grace on the far right

Some months ago my husband Robert encouraged the women at Smile Africa Ministries to began victory gardens much like those Elenor Roosevelt began during WW II.
We partnered with Smile Africa women and funded a project in which 300 women participated. We were able to visit some of the gardens this trip and hear the stories of success.

Catherine had a bumper crop of egg plants and a local cabbage. She generously gave out of her garden to those who were in great need. She sold a big portion of her crops and purchased more seed and rented a larger plot of ground. She proudly told me: “I was struggling to pay school fees for my grandson and I was able to pay them when I sold my vegetables.”

She brought out a beautiful plastic watering can she purchased with her profits so she can water her gardens when the rains fail to do so.

Standing next to her was her good friend Grace who also had a successful garden. As we strolled through the gardens they burst into joyful laughter that can only be shared between two great friends. Grace turned to me and fluffed up her hair. “We also had enough money to get our hair done!” They then turned toward one another and let loose with more peals of laughter.

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