Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Photo Safari

Queen Elizabeth Park boasts thousands of acres where elephants, lions, waterbuck, water buffalo, wart hogs, hyenas and other creatures roam. Innumerable species of birds flit from tree to tree and glide above the earth. We drove through the park and caught such sights as a family of wart hogs running with an apparent purpose in mind. There was a big one in front, three babies in the middle and another large wart hog bringing up the rear. We’d round a bend and once again spot the family running as quickly as their little legs would carry them. They were so adorable!
Later when we stopped for lunch Joan and I bravely sneaked up on a warthog snoozing and had our picture taken.

We took a leisurely boat ride along the channel among the crocs and hippos. We were thrilled to see a lion sleeping beneath a tree along shore. Our captain managed to get near enough for us to photograph him. It was difficult to see him through the shadows of the branches so you can imagine our delight when he stretched and sauntered away allowing us to take great shots.

A small band of elephants were frolicking in the water and as we neared the eldest trumpeted and slapped the water with his trunk driving the group up the bank and to safety.

This was Pastor Ruth’s first boat ride and although she was reluctant to go she soon relaxed and enjoyed the ride. She would jump slightly when an alligator slithered out of the water or the hippos snorted and came to the surface a little to close for her comfort.

We all were pleased with our enchanting day in the park and as we returned to our guesthouses wondered if Elizabeth had an equally enjoyable day photographing and registering 100+ children for the sponsorship program;)

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