Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm in Uganda

I’m in Uganda. It was kind of a last minute opportunity and I kept as quiet as I could about it because I wanted to surprise Pastor Ruth with my visit. It worked. She thought she was meeting my brother at the airport and was totally shocked when she saw I was with him.

This is my twelfth trip to Uganda in a little over five years. This is the first trip without Robert. I hated to say goodbye to him but he was unable to accompany me this time. We will skype and keep in touch as best we can.

It’s a challenge without Robert. He does everything for me—brings me coffee in the morning, packs my lunch. . . we keep bottled water in our room refrigerators and I noticed I was down to one bottle and it confused me as to how that happened. It occurred to me that the refrigerator isn’t restocked automatically! Robert usually does it!! So now I have learned to get my own coffee and stock my own frig!

I’m here with my brother Tom—founding president of Hope 4 Kids International, our sister Joan and her husband John, Elizabeth—Hope 4 Kids International director of sponsorship program; and two friends-Jonathan and Doug. Our group of seven endured the LONG trip and are anxious to play out our roles.

You will find my personal experiences here on my blog but if you click on my book in left side of my blog it will take you to the homepage of the Hope 4 Kids website. On the homepage if you look toward the left bottom half of the page you will see a link for trip blog and trip photos—that’s where I will be posting most of our photos. I will also be sharing information/ updates on the other team members on the h4ki trip blog.

The internet is challenging so after being here almost a week I'm finally able to post a few things.

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