Thursday, September 4, 2008

Smile Africa News

Hope4Kids International partners with Smile Africa Ministries in Uganda. Pastor Ruth, the founding president is an incredible Ugandan woman with a vision to change the face of Uganda. We have come alongside her to feed the karamojong children and have started a number of women in business.

Currently our donors have provided funds for a state-of-the-art kitchen named Marty's Kitchen in memory of Marty Griebe. His wife Carolyn collected funds from some of Marty's friends and as Pastor Ruth said, "There will be no other kitchen like it in all of Uganda." It is now complete. Please see the attached video.

I spoke to Pastor Ruth this morning and she said the kitchen is sooo wonderful. When they cooked over an open fire for the Karamojong children they would use one load of wood per month. With the new ovens they use five to seven pieces of wood per day and the meal for 420 children is now ready by 10AM instead of 2PM. They are all marveling over the difference this kitchen will make in saving time, wood and there is no more smoke filling the air from open fires!!

Another Hope4Kids donor wrote a check for Smile Africa to build a clinic on their property. I will update you on the construction of this exciting, life saving project as it happens. Saturday the city will arrive to approve construction--then the work shall begin!!

Our shipment of food from Feed My Starving Children is on its way. We are hoping either the October or November team will be in Uganda to greet this shipment which will feed the Karamojong children for at least fifteen months.

In that time we will be raising funds for Smile Africa to grow crops in order to become self-sufficient in their feeding program. We will need to provide seed and laborers for this project.

They also desperately need a van as they have to hire transport each time they go visit a widow, take a child to the hospital, etc.


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