Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Karamojong Children of Tororo Uganda

Pastor Ruth of Smile Africa in Uganda introduced me to the Karamojong tribe in July of 2007. She told me they are a despised group of people and are considered to be dirty and have a reputation of stealing--much like the gypsies in Europe. The cycle continues because of their reputation no one wants to hire them or be near them so they have to steal to survive. . . well you get the picture. Maria was ten years old and among the Karamojong children who dug through the garbage heaps each morning. One morning she found a piece of meat attached to a dead rat. She scraped the rat away and as she was ready to eat the meat other children spotted her and chased her begging her to share it with them. She shoved the whole piece into her mouth as she ran and within hours she died a violent death. We knew we had to step in because no child should have to die for a piece of meat. For sixteen months we at Hope 4 Kids International have sponsored the feeding of these Karamojong kids at Smile Africa twice a day. They are fed, bathed, clothes are washed; they have lessons in reading, writing, arithmetic, Bible and manners. They are treated medically in a partially built clinic. We have been blessed to receive a shipment of nutritous meals from Feed My Starving Children which will provide the children with daily meals for 15 months!

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Avily Jerome said...

Wow, what a tragic story! Thanks for sharing it, and for all you do! That's truly an amazing work!