Sunday, February 1, 2009

God, Why Don't You Hear Their Prayer?

Book Overview
When Tom Eggum arrived in a village in Uganda he met beautiful children who were dying of treatable diseases like dysentery, measles and malaria. Still in the midst of their suffering, they believed in a God who could make it all right.
Alone in his hotel room he cried out, “God! Why don’t you hear their prayer?”
It took Tom time to realize God had heard their prayer and He expected Tom to become part of the answer.
Tom and Rachel—a brother and sister team relate compelling stories ranging from working with their parents in a migrant camp to being deported from Cuba and finding their purposes in the middle of Uganda. You will be challenged to find God’s purpose in your life whether it is at your job, in your neighborhood or across the ocean.

This book is not just about answering the question "God, why don’t you hear their prayer."

This book is about hope.
The authors relate topics that are close to their hearts and to which I know many of you can relate. It’s about facing life’s storms. Tom shares how excited he was to finally realize the true purpose for which he was born and shortly thereafter was slammed with prostate cancer.
It’s about God’s mercy when the author's family converged upon Rachel's home in Iowa to say goodbye to their mother as she lay dying.
Tom also talks candidly about his divorce—how it almost ruined him and how Christians turned against him and would not allow him to speak in their churches. You will again see God’s mercy as He led Tom down new paths to a higher purpose.

This book is about adventure. You will read about Tom's arrest in the Soviet Union and about Tom, Rachel and their team being deported from Cuba for religious activity.
This book is about courage as they recount tales of persecution of Christians and their willingness to follow Christ no matter what the cost.
It’s about making a difference whether it is reaching out to a loved one going through tough times or stretching across the ocean to answer the cry of an orphan.
No matter where you are in your life’s journey—whether you are just starting out or are in your golden years this book will speak to you.

Book Endorsement:
“I highly recommend this book. It opens our eyes to the plight of the Ugandan people as well as others around the world who are being taught new skills and are given hope and dignity through medicine, laughter and God’s love. It gives us a new appreciation for how blessed we are as a people and a nation. If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference you must read this book!”
Dr. Walt Kallestad, senior pastor of Community church of Joy in Glendale, AZ.

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Kelly Kiki said...

This was an email to me, so I am passing it on here.


Anyway, the reason I was lead to respond with Joy is that after 4 months of the book that you gave me that has been sitting on my night stand , I finally cracked it open .......... so far I am hooked. I have cried. I have been spoken to, and I have am so greatful , and honored you gave it to me , that through this man you thought of me , WOW!!!!! I would love to just give this man a huge hug , I am on page 68.

Can you get me more books? I think this book can touch people in so many different ways , no matter what they are going through , For me the lord has confirmed my purpose , anyway , I know you are sooo busy and you have to catch up with your family , but I would love to set a date to just hang out and talk , Thank you for opening your heart for me , let me know ,

Terri Tiffany said...

I loved seeing your slide show! What a great blog!! I went back and reread your email and realized it was already up! I will link you up!

Terri Tiffany said...

I just read your story about how you met your husband!! How sad and how wonderful. What an awful experience to live through with your fiance. My husband and I are still recovering from losing his brother in a freak accident. So happy God found you your husband!

Angela Breidenbach said...

I love what you are doing. Want to trade links?

Avily Jerome said...

Wow, that's such an amazing ministry!
Thanks for inviting me to stop by!

Terri Tiffany said...

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