Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rose's Surgery a Success!!

Pastor Ruth took Rose to Kampala as her surgery was more complicated than was first thought. She checked in to the hospital and spent a day or two getting ready and finally the doctors removed her 2.2-pound non-cancerous tumor!! She has already taken tea and will be given mashed potatoes for her first meal.

When she woke up from the surgery Pastor Ruth was by her side and said: “That thing is gone! They have removed it!”

A very emotional Rose replied: “People have been laughing at me but God has remembered a poor woman like me.”

Pastor Ruth said she was reflecting upon how this surgery came to pass. When I was there in November Rose arrived at Smile Africa and Ruth wanted to take her picture but the batteries in her camera were dead. I was on the bus ready to leave and Ruth asked if I could step off the bus for just a moment to take Rose’s picture which I did. I went home and forgot about Rose until my doctor told me I might have a small goiter. It was then I remembered Rose and asked Pastor Ruth more questions.

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Then I appealed to all of you and you responded generously. I sent the money to Pastor Ruth and the process began. Because the surgery was so involved and had to be done in Kampala we are still running about $1500 short. The tumor was actually pushing against Rose’s wind pipe and cutting off her air. They said if she didn’t have the surgery she would suffocate so I told Ruth we would step forward in faith and Rose should have this surgery to save her life.

Rose’s seven children are blessed and grateful to all of you for saving her life.

If you would like to contribute to this deficit please send a check to Hope 4 Kids International and put “Rose’s surgery” in the memo.

Hope 4 Kids/Hope 4 women

P.O. box 74010

Phx, AZ 85087

Or go directly online and donate:

Check the Hope 4 Women box and email Lisa to let her know you want your h4wi donation to go toward Rose’s surgery