Saturday, May 23, 2009

Victory Gardens In Uganda!

Hope 4 Women International’s goals are to bring dignity, joy, health, and God’s love to the women of Uganda. In a society where women are so devalued we want them to know that God cherishes them. One method of providing dignity is by teaching them to be self-sufficient and by growing proper food so they and their children can eat and be healthy.

Robert has talked to several of our Ugandan friends about starting victory gardens and has provided them with seeds. The result has been some beautiful gardens but the process has been slow and we wanted to reach more people.

Recently Michelle Obama made victory gardens popular. Robert googled and found many websites featuring victory gardens so he asked me to send Pastor Ruth some of the links.

Pastor Ruth reacted enthusiastically when she saw the websites and called together 200 women to tell them about the victory gardens. Since the Ugandans consider our president their brother, they also deem Michelle as their sister-in-law. Pastor Ruth told the women, “Michelle Obama, our sister-in-law has started planting Victory Gardens and I think we can also take up this activity seriously and help our families eat well.” They all clapped wildly and shouted in agreement.

Hope 4 Women International provided the funds for this project. Smile Africa Ministries taught them to start the seeds by making hotbeds—which are leaves covering the newly planted seeds to protect them from being destroyed. Once the plants grow and are healthy they are transplanted to the gardens. Andrew, an employee of Smile Africa is assigned to checking on the gardens and will spray for bugs as needed.

Our hope is to increase these gardens to many more women throughout Uganda who are in need of food for their families.

We would like to purchase walk behind, motor-driven plows to speed the planting along. The plows cost around $2000.

Would you like to be a part of this project? We need funds to purchase more seeds—currently we are sending money for Smile Africa to purchase the seeds there because it is the planting season and we want them to get started right away. We are looking to purchase at least two plows.

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Hope 4 Women International is a division of Hope for Kids international

Here are a few delighted recipients of seeds for their victory gardens.

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Susan Schulz said...

Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I love your work. You obviously have the spiritual gift of mercy-showing. :) God loves to show his mercy and compassion to his people through his servants. What a great work. I love the Victory Gardens idea. My husband and I are becoming involved in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) here in N. GA where I live. I am glad I found you. May God bless your efforts 100 fold.